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Integrated logistics solutions for a fast-paced market

In an environment where product life cycles can last just months, getting your products and solutions to market fast can be the difference between success and failure.

We’ve been part of the technology revolution for more than 40 years with supply chain solutions that are innovative, flexible and tailor made for the fast-paced technology industry. We cover the entire technology supply chain – from tech logistics for the semicon and telecoms industry, to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and consumer electronics.


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We provide manufacturers of voice and data infrastructure with agile logistics solutions for components, spare parts and capital equipment. We can offer a one-stop-shop solution with transport, warehousing and logistics solutions and niche services such as in-night delivery services and white glove delivery.

EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services

Working with electronic manufacturing services, or EMS, you need to know that your production line is stocked with the components needed to get your products assembled, consolidated and sent out. We offer contract electronics manufacturing and assembly services based on recognized quality processes to ensure high levels of accuracy in your production. Once assembled, we offer reliable transport services all over the world.


This high-value semiconductor industry requires high performance transport and logistics. We support you and your team with everything you need to get your semicon business up and running – from logistics for constructing a semicon fab to high security, temperature-controlled storage facilities, and efficient transportation solutions.

Our experts are the strongest link in your supply chain

razaimpex Automotive Subject Matter Experts are critical thinkers that can be the differentiator you need to keep the manufacturing process running efficiently and end users’ vehicles on the road. Our global team know how the automotive industry gears turn and use their knowledge and experience to design processes and flows that match automotive development and production milestones.

Consumer electronics

Product lifecycles for consumer electronics are notoriously short making speed and accuracy in your supply chain an absolute necessity. Our consumer electronics transport and logistics solutions ensure fast and accurate management of your supply chain so you can leverage all the opportunities available to you – from new product launches to efficient returns and recycling.

Optimise your inventory management

Razaimpex has a range of financing options that let you take the risk out of maintaining high levels of stock. We ensure you have the inventory you need, when needed and let you simply pay for what you use.

Safe battery transport

As a global transport and logistics provider, we have over four decades of experience of shipping batteries internationally, in particular shipping lithion ion batteries. We are familiar with the constantly changing and country-specific regulatory requirements and make sure that your goods are correctly labelled for the transport modality and for their specific journey. For our customers, this experience translates into peace of mind that their goods are transported responsibly and safely.

Moving towards a circular supply chain

We believe in world trade and in enabling sustainable growth for all of our stakeholders. To achieve this goal, we offer a number of circular supply chain services. These range from reverse logistics to repair, refurbishment and recycling services.

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